Thursday, December 9, 2010


So between my brother and his asshole of a "friend" and people I used to call my friends showing their true colors and being bitches I'm so upset that I cant even eat my dinner because I'm sick to my stomach. I've been attempting to get at least to the point where my sister doesn't want to kill me any more because its very stressful on my mother that we cant get along, and doing that is stressful for me. I have a 2 month old baby and we just today got her on formula that she can hold down and that took almost 2 hours of fighting with my doctor to get it. my brothers friend Jim has been even more of an ass, some one I thought to be my friend just told me that she basically hated my guts because I cant handle listening to or reading about how "great" of a person Glen is after he hurt me the way he did, and my brother is on a rampage I swear! And right now all I want to do is have a glass of wine and watch Shrek for ever after(the final chapter) but no Cherokee is here so i cant have the wine because shes trying to stay sober and we need to support her , and for some fucking reason we cant watch Shrek either. I'm about to grab a book and Danica and a glass of some 7up pomegranate and go down stairs, put some wine in my 7up and lock my self in the fucking room and not come out for a while...I'm sure I could last about a week in their only coming out pee and eat I wanna just say fuck the world for a while. In fact that may very well be what I for now FUCK YOU WORLD!!