Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What the HELL my life is freakin out!!!

Wow a lot has happened sense my last post, where do I start? I guess I'll start where I left, Monday I officially moved back in with my mother, well that's when I told Glen I was gonna move back in with her, we had a big fight and a lot of this were said and a lot misinterpreted, I'm hoping to clear some of the miss understanding in the future but for now I'm living with mom again. Tuesday we went camping boy was that fun, we had Elyssabeth with us and she was just the cutest little thing all weekend, she had fun playing in the dirt and she made a new best friend our room mate Nate, not to mention she made a lot of break troughs within our friends, she is finally accepting Dyanne more than she ever has which Dy loves and she decided just yesterday that our friend Ryan was a really cool guy and not just a tall scary guy. At one point in time this camping trip Beth was playing in the dirt and a cow wandered to an area it wasn't supposed to be in and it must have got stuck or hurt or lost or something like that cause it started to moo uncontrollably, when Beth head it she stopped giving her self a dirt bath stood up looked out to where the sound was coming from and screams "what the hell!? that cow is freaking out!!" it was so cute and innocent that we couldn't even get mad at her for saying hell...at least she used it correctly and in a way that wasn't hurting any ones feelings, if i teach her when its okay to use words like that and when its not then she will grow up slightly wiser than others. its been just over a week sense we took that camping trip now and other thing have started to pop up in life, my sister and her boyfriend are either going to both move out or break up, at the moment that situation has to be played by ear and mom isn't to worried about it at the moment. yesterday evening the entire left side of my jaw started hurting, but I'm going to go see a dentist tomorrow I'm hoping its nothing to serious and it will be an easy fix...I can hope right? I also found out today that the divorce papers that Roger gave me are useless because he signed them at home instead of getting them notarized and because they have Roger's ,Beth's, and My social security numbers but also our full names and birth dates they're all any one needs to steel out identities... so I'm going to make sure that their is no way any one can get their hands on that info by burning them tonight, it with be fun, on the down side Roger has to reprint all of it out again, only this time I'll be making sure he gets them notarized so that we don't have to go through this again. for the most part I'm doing okay, I feel less stressed and more relaxed I don't feel like I'm gonna get my head bitten off or ganged up on if I voice my opinion and for the first time in a while I feel welcome and at home. it will be nice when I can get a job and start actually doing something with my life again but for now I'm glad to know I have family that loves me enough to help me out when I need it most. thank you to the people who love me. I owe a lot to you guys :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well we made it out alive...

this last week has been hectic Monday was the first day of set-up for faire, Tuesday all of our vendors came to set up their booths. Wednesday was opening day, we made hardly anything money wise but all in all it was fun. Thursday the Mother Moraines guild decided that they were retiring form the faire, I am part of this guild. The rest of the week had a strange sort of bitter sweet feeling about it for those of us leaving, and every one could feel it in the air and knew something was going on, they just didn't know what. Friday Schwa'za invited me to come to dance with them on a permanent basis, class starts Thursday yay! Saturday after the last processional Troy, Dyanne, and my mom will ever be in, Troy announced that the guild was leaving, many people were disappointed but they all understood. This faire was fun but this was also our last set-up and tare down, we will all still be around if the faire continues but only as by standers, and customers we will probably never get as involved as we were when we left, but we will still visit, what will always be OUR faire. tare down last night kinda felt like having a child for many years helping it grow and become something amassing, and then giving it back to the people who gave birth to it. a sad sort of relieving feeling to it. it was fun but it was time, for most people, i will be continuing this faire with the belly dancers now and I am glad i will still have some involvement, this next year is going to be a big adventure i can just see it now and I'm excited to see what life brings me, Thank you every one who have helped me get this far in my life you've helped me grow in the same way you helped the faire, except i dont think im quite ready to be let completely go of just yet :D

Sunday, July 4, 2010

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY...way to much to do!

okay so instead of waiting until the 5th of July to celebrate the 4th of July glen and I are going to go to hang out with his parents this after noon, I might go hang with my mother a little this morning while glen sleeps, sadly I have to wait to walk in the parade and partake in the 4th of July fun on the park until tomorrow, which might I say proposes a problem on 2 levels... #1 the 5th of July is not the 4th of July, and #2 Monday is the first day of set up which has to be postponed until the park is clear of the 4th of July festivities, oh yea also I have to either wait for the fire works or travel out of town to see them...sucky! so glens parents Susan and Martin are doing a barbecue and some minor fire works yay! they were also gonna do a movie I think but glen and I will have to leave cause he has to work which is okay for me cause that means I get to go to bed when I want to so that i can get up and go to the parade...she sun has been helping with waking me up at 8:00am yay sun...woohoo...not! i may or may not get to do fairy wings this year for faire, i figured out i can do a few at a time cause they need time to dry so that will be awesome, the hard part will be getting the stuff to make them dug up out of A-the garage and B-Vicki's bedroom, if we cant find them then we dont have wings for faire...oh well at least ive almost got beths wings done after sitting all night they should be ready to have the final step done putting on the elastic...which i may just use some ribion or something like that so that they are adjustable and they will fit for a while... but who knows gotta find stuff to do it all with...in the next year i will be stocking up on things to make wings and do hair tinsel for next years faire so i dont have to worry about the mad dash and what not, depending on which sells better this year, and if after i run out if people coninue to ask for more...which i may go get the suplies to make more with some of the profit...assuming i can get a lift to wallmart...

well im gonna go finish Beths wings and see if my mother is awake and up for a visitor and i will probaly post again after faire...yay fun!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Times, Missed the end, faire talk

Spent today in a minor freaked stage, first couldn't find my Medicaid card so I could make my chiropractor appointment, we finally found it on the table and not in a box as we thought and made it to the appointment. Then I fixed 2 pieces of garb for faire, i have a full 4 out fits now, thankfully, then Glen decided he was going to be nice to me and his sister and took us to go see Eclipse, it was nice until about the last 5 minutes which i missed cause the baby sat on a nerve and the minute I stood up to try to make her move she did, right on to my bladder, then while I was in the restroom I started to cramp, so now ive missed the last little bit of the movie and I'm cramping, wonderful way to end my day right? well lucky for me Glens sister Vicki works in the OB so she took me home felt my belly a little and runs me a bath to try to get my muscles to calm down, as I go into the bathroom to get in he tub I have to pee again, so I go pee, and find out that the stomach cramping is from my body not liking something I ate, thank god it wasn't a problem with the pregnancy, but the upset stomach is not a nice thing for me, but I'm very glad that everything is okay with my baby! Gonna try to sew some more tomorrow so that I can have Elyssabeth's outfit for the costume contest ready for her by Saturday :D it doesn't look like were going to be doing the hair tinsel this year, didn't have enough money to order it in time, oh well maybe next year after I have more practice and maybe more money. Can't wait for faire and can't believe its so close I'm glad I don't have to much to do, thinking about maybe doing fairy wings this year though, who knows ill have to talk to mom about it, it is her booth after all :D

Happy that I didn't have to make a trip to the hospital today, and hoping not to scare every one like that again, don't wanna deal with it ever again!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camping and good feelings

this weekend went camping with the family...now when i refer to my family most of the time its those I chose to call my family not the necessarily the ones I'm related to by blood, cause I don't consider my sister family...and she would rather kill me in a police station and admit to the murder than admit were family. so went camping to celebrate not only summer solstice 2 birthdays as well, my mothers and Jelly's shes basically my niece. they gave me a lot of good advice and the retreat from every day life was nice, were gonna go camping again after the Renaissance Faire, hopefully were gonna take Beth, we all love Yankee Meadow its the sort of place that you wake up in the morning and after using the bathroom you take the time to look at the lake and the scenery around you and everything is right with the world, and you cant help but feel relaxed and rejuvenated. its the one place we find that while we cant wait to go home and get clean and sleep in our beds, we also never want to leave, if you have never been their your really missing out...although an air freshener in the bathrooms would be nice :D their bio something or other and they are stinky, but if you breath through your mouth or hold your it gets bearable...and dealing with the nasty bathrooms is worth it. I'm hoping to go on at least 2 or 3 more times before the summer is out and i would like to take Beth, were gonna go camping for my birthday for sure but we will be going to Baker instead because Yankee will be way to cold by then and while red cliffs is pretty were all kinda bored with it. cant wait to spend time with the family.

everything is getting slowly better and soon hopefully glen and I will have our own place to live as well, but for now at least life is going good.