Friday, March 4, 2011

long time

The date is March 4th 2011, its been a while, things have calmed down lately, Danica Sayge Gardner is now almost 5 months old, shes got a cold and is ornery but other wise shes a sweet loving beautiful little baby! I have 3 friends expecting a baby one of them is due any day now, were so excited!, then I have one friend in Kansas who just found out its a girl, and a friend in Jersey, who is due July 10th...all of then expecting little girls!!! I have 2 baby showers to plan and I'm providing a list of baby shower games for my sisters shower, shes due in April and is having a boy. I will be meeting with Voc. Rehab on the 10th and I'm hoping that I will qualify for them to help, if I do then i will be going to school, I'm still a little iffy about what i want to do, I'm going to see if they will pay for an on line backing classes, if not my temporary back up plan is a nail tech school, and an online business like the business course either way. Right now I can feel the calm before Spring, and its nice. The earth seams to know spring is coming as well, I can feel it, it feels like its resting before it brings life back to us, perhaps we should rest until spring, sadly i know that is not possible, but it would be nice.

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  1. You can probably do culinary through SWATC, I think they have that, then specialize in baking. I think your sister said no games for her shower, just like your mom lol