Sunday, March 6, 2011

welll that sucked...

today started out as normal as can be expected, woke up got breakfast mom got home from work and grabbing some things from the store, dropped the milk and had to go back for more, see as normal as can be expected... the after noon was basically the same watched cartoons until Beth was so tired she was ready to sleep, took a nap got up watched some more tv played with grandma the normal stuff. mom went to the store for the finishing touches on dinner (crock pot pork chops, mashed potato's salad , and roll's) when out of the blue Tracy (Roger's mother)came to pick Beth up, about 3-4 hours to early, we were up set but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 4:30pm ish we show up at Troy and Dyane's house have an awesome dinner, Troy goes to work(bummer) and we start to watch our ritual Sunday shows "when vacations attack" and "the wild within" half way through "vacations attach" Dy gets a call, and leaves she then shows up with her daughter, belligerent, the friend she was with didn't even realize she was drinking... after much arguing with her Dy called the ambulance, after much fighting they decided that she was ok enough to stay home and lay in bed, but she has to have some one up to watch her...I wish I could help with that but I cant...oh well, I'll be sending good energy to her through the night...may the Goddess watch over her.

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