Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying to make sense of things...

I've been sitting on my couch/bed all weekend because I'm supposed to be taking it easy so as to give my body time to heal from an infection in my bladder, we found out I had this infection because we went into the ER early Thursday morning because I was cramping very badly, they of course tested for every thing and found the infection, they put me on antibiotics and sent me home with the instructions to take it easy and not get to active in order to let my body help the antibiotics heal the infection so that it doesn't get worse and cause problems with the pregnancy. On the other hand we found out that Cherokee (my little sister) is also pregnant, Sadly I fear for the baby shes carrying, not that she would intentionally hurt it, but shes not growing up fast enough, she is still partying, smoking drinking, doing drugs, that poor child has already been to 2 party's that I know of sense she's told us she found out. Jason's n employment ran out this month meaning that we are now living solely no moms income, I wish it was easier for me to find a job right now so that I could help her with the bills, Jason is looking for a trucking job, so assuming he gets one he and Nate will be going over the road making good money but he'll never be the moment we're not so sure that's exactly a bad thing, hes entered this state of depression where he realizes hes broke but he wants to spend what little money he gets on things that do him no good, he takes out payday loans and tell moms hes going to use it for bills then goes out and buys a phone he doesn't need and spends it on everything but the bills, poor mom is about at her wits ends and their nothing I can do for her to make it better, and that makes me sad. I've decided that after I have the baby and out of school I'm gonna stay with mom after I get a job, and help her out a little, but I think first we may need to look into finding a place that is slightly larger for about the same price, or even less would be better, I think for now that's what I'm gonna concentrate on finding for her, I think she'll like that.

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