Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What the HELL my life is freakin out!!!

Wow a lot has happened sense my last post, where do I start? I guess I'll start where I left, Monday I officially moved back in with my mother, well that's when I told Glen I was gonna move back in with her, we had a big fight and a lot of this were said and a lot misinterpreted, I'm hoping to clear some of the miss understanding in the future but for now I'm living with mom again. Tuesday we went camping boy was that fun, we had Elyssabeth with us and she was just the cutest little thing all weekend, she had fun playing in the dirt and she made a new best friend our room mate Nate, not to mention she made a lot of break troughs within our friends, she is finally accepting Dyanne more than she ever has which Dy loves and she decided just yesterday that our friend Ryan was a really cool guy and not just a tall scary guy. At one point in time this camping trip Beth was playing in the dirt and a cow wandered to an area it wasn't supposed to be in and it must have got stuck or hurt or lost or something like that cause it started to moo uncontrollably, when Beth head it she stopped giving her self a dirt bath stood up looked out to where the sound was coming from and screams "what the hell!? that cow is freaking out!!" it was so cute and innocent that we couldn't even get mad at her for saying hell...at least she used it correctly and in a way that wasn't hurting any ones feelings, if i teach her when its okay to use words like that and when its not then she will grow up slightly wiser than others. its been just over a week sense we took that camping trip now and other thing have started to pop up in life, my sister and her boyfriend are either going to both move out or break up, at the moment that situation has to be played by ear and mom isn't to worried about it at the moment. yesterday evening the entire left side of my jaw started hurting, but I'm going to go see a dentist tomorrow I'm hoping its nothing to serious and it will be an easy fix...I can hope right? I also found out today that the divorce papers that Roger gave me are useless because he signed them at home instead of getting them notarized and because they have Roger's ,Beth's, and My social security numbers but also our full names and birth dates they're all any one needs to steel out identities... so I'm going to make sure that their is no way any one can get their hands on that info by burning them tonight, it with be fun, on the down side Roger has to reprint all of it out again, only this time I'll be making sure he gets them notarized so that we don't have to go through this again. for the most part I'm doing okay, I feel less stressed and more relaxed I don't feel like I'm gonna get my head bitten off or ganged up on if I voice my opinion and for the first time in a while I feel welcome and at home. it will be nice when I can get a job and start actually doing something with my life again but for now I'm glad to know I have family that loves me enough to help me out when I need it most. thank you to the people who love me. I owe a lot to you guys :D

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