Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama

The potential father of this child, the one who we were, with out a doubt positive was the father told me a while back that he wanted a paternity test, other than him their is only one other possible father, he is very unlikely but still non the less he he would get tested, and I felt he deserved to know, so for the past few months I have been trying to get a hold of him to tell him that he would be tested. About 3 nights ago he got a hold of us to tell us that he had a surgeon mess up with with him, so badly now that he only has a few years if that. I told him that night that their was a possibility that Danica is his, he is so excited that their is even the slightest chance that he not only wants her to be his but he has asked if he could still claim her as his even if she wasn't. I am over joyed that Danica he wants to be her father, even if only for a short time. I would rather her have some one who wants her be her father rather than some one who doesn't. I have told glen that if he still want to get the paternity test and be a part of her life then he need to get a hold of me, I asked for a response by the end of the week but I have decided that I will give him until I actually fill out the birth certificate, if he cant find 5 minutes to text me saying "yes I'd like to still do the test" then he truly doesn't care about her at all, and at that point I will be putting Sheldon's name on it without a test. almost every one I have talked to think that I am being very fare to every one involved, except for one who I thought was my best friend, she thinks that I'm being a bitch for even considering of putting Sheldon's name on the certificate in the first place. I guess in situations like these you find out who your true friends, the sad thing is I know why shes all pissed its because shes jealous of the friendship Sheldon and I have and how close we are, shes even more jealous that he and I were ever together and even more of the idea that their is a slight chance Sheldon and I get back together, after I get my life straightened out. I think its rather pathetic of her honestly she has a wonderful husband who would do anything for her and 2 beautiful little boys, she has a rather nice life as a matter of fact, of course she wont know that until she looses it, shes on the verge of me telling her to fuck off, until at least she can pull her head out of her ass, because I'm really getting tired of her judging me, when shes the one who goes out and cheats on her husband and flirts with other guys, and thinks her life is a curse instead of a blessing, if it weren't for the fact that I have strong morals and I believe in never breaking a promise, unless some ones life is in danger or they are breaking the law, I would tell her husband, but I'm not going to be pinned as a "home wrecker" because her morals aren't where they should be. a crisis councilor contacted my mother today, she wants mom and Cherokee to sit down and try to work things out between them, which is going to be a waist of time on every ones part because mom refuses to have a junkie living with us and Cherokee refuses to leave him, so the councilor can talk all she wants but she will just be wasting her breath. on the plus side this weekend were going camping to celebrate both mine and Troy's birthday's and that will be super fun, then next weekend were going to go to our aunt and uncles house for a birthday dinner, performing a Mabon ritual, I'll be doing that one with the help of my very close friend Whitney and it will be her first and only my second ritual with a group so I imagine that it is going to be rather interesting, but it will be fun. then Sunday a night of watching a pilot for a show to see if we like it, and of course Rock Band!! with our new band T-Shirts "I'm your huckleberry" we will also be getting the house ready for the new baby, this next month is going to be so busy, and so much fun, were going to have 2 weddings to go to, Halloween and a birth YAY!!!

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