Friday, September 24, 2010

Lots of fun, and plenty of excitement!

Camping was a lot of fun! Beth was a little handful but we had her under control. Both nights Beth and I went to bed early, I had planed to lay with her until she fell asleep and get back up and hang out for a little while but the first night I think I may have been asleep before she was, and the second night I was having some stomach pains so I layed their waiting for them to go away and fell asleep. but that's ok, because we still had fun during the days sitting around listening to music, and a comedian,who's name I cant recall, and just bullshitting we had a lemon peach cake i made and Dyanne and I both decided we didn't like the canned icing because you just dont have either the control or the maneuverability of the decorating bag, and for those of us who have become used to the bag the can just sucks! the second night the planned desert had been flavored marshmallows for s'more making, but Ryan came with a much better idea and made us all cobbler, i was laying down by the time it was done but they saved me some and Beth, Justin, and my self had some for breakfast instead of the planed bars. Jason and Nate also came home that weekend and joined us Saturday night that was fun! We all really needed this weekend, especially mom with everything that has been going on with Cherokee, and because Sheldon is such and awesome person he even stayed at our house that weekend with the dog, to give mom even more of a stress relief, it was nice not having to worry about the dog at all. this weekend is packed full, we have Mabon which I'm hoping will be lots of fun, then Sunday were going out to aunt Joyce and uncle Dave's house for an early dinner or even late lunch...either way you want to look at it, then were going to Dy's house to watch a show have some dinner(if were hungry) and play rock band, I plan on wearing my rock band shirt that Dy made me! Monday I'm gonna have roger call on his Medicaid account and get every thing with that worked out, because Beth needs her Medicaid. I still need a dresser for her clothing, but I'm going to work on getting the bed room completely ready for the baby, its gonna be hard without the dresser but I'll make it work some how...I hope... It's getting so close, only 36 more days left and we've still got to work on getting everything ready, the closer it gets the more i wish it was easier to get this house clean and all the dog hair under control, I kind of wish we had access to the carpet cleaner of Alie's because it was great for getting the hair out of the carpets and that would be a big help with the dog hair, i just wish i could find the replacement battery for my Shark vacuum because its a good little vacuum for every day use but it doesn't have the battery power any more to do the hole house every day, it used to but the battery is 3 years old, oh well i guess we can do a different room every day and keep the hair controlled that way. if we can keep up with that, so far were having a hard time keeping the dishes cleaned every day. well after the baby's born im going to try to keep us all on track for the baby's sake.

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