Saturday, September 11, 2010

Can you say T.V. special?

Well my life right now would make a pretty interesting soap opera / sit com. combo. this weekend we had Elyssabeth for longer than we normally do because her father wanted her for this weekend, which is fine with me as long as i get her for my birthday dinner, can you believe I'm turning 21!? Any way while she was here my sisters boyfriend(ketchup) had his brother visit them, he was so excited to get to spend time with him, well their evening ended up with my sister sitting in the house getting to know ketchup's family while he sat out side listening to rap and getting drunk because he's jealous of his brother because he is successful, so at some point in the night ketchup took off without saying anything, Cherokee spent the night worrying about him, because he wouldn't answer either her texts or calls, she spent the night at his moms house, about 7 o'clock in the morning he texts her saying hes at the house so she has his mom bring her back into town, now here's where things get out of control, when Cherokee gets down stairs ketchup is sitting on the bed shooting up lortab, at this point Beth is not only awake but has snuck out of the room to go steel a sucker and get into things shes not supposed to. well the shooting up pissed Cherokee off enough that she kicks him out, thank the gods, because were done with his shit! so that night we go to Dy's house to play rock band and get home fairly late Beth and I go straight to bed, mom stays up for a little bit longer, while she is turning off all the lights to go to bed Cherokee and Ketchup show up and unload all of his stuff with the intent of moving him back into the house, obviously mom is having none of it because were not going to lose Beth and Danica because of his drug addiction, so they get in a huge fight and Cherokee decides that if ketchup cant move back in then shes going to move out with the moment we have no clue where she is or what shes doing, last we herd their plan was to move to Las Vegas, but we don't know how that plan has gone, I packed and moved all of her stuff out of her room and have spent the last week turning it into mine and Beth's room its not where i want it to be but its getting their. on the other hand my brother has been trying to keep spirits high by being a dork and it has worked a little, i know that I'm worried about Cherokee and her unborn baby, and I'm sure mom is also worried, but were all doing a fairly good job at hiding it. Today is September 11th nine years ago a terrorist group flew plains into the two towers, I plan on lighting a candle to remember the souls who died and I'm also going to do a heeling spell for the earth. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be turning 2, now because I'm pregnant I have to wait until yule to actually get drunk, so instead were going to make enchiladas watch the season finally of true blood and play rock band, next weekend were going to go camping to celebrate both mine and troys birthday and the week after that were going to go do dinner with my aunt Joyce and uncle Dave, then head over to Dy's house for a Mabon ritual! this month is all about the birthdays from now on, next month we'll be getting the house really ready for the new baby and of course every witches favorite holiday HALLOWEEN!!! depending on weather or not I'm in the hospital giving birth i get to take Beth trick-or-treating, if I'm in the hospital roger will swing by with her to say hi before they go out, or after depending on how I'm doing. the next few months are going to be a mad rush, but I'm hoping that after the mad rush I can get back into school and getting my life back on track, I realize now that my roller coaster life has just gotten a little more exciting, and I kind of cant wait to see how the ride goes!!

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