Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How slow time goes....

ok so until this last few weeks every thing has gone by so fast, now everything seams to have just kind of stopped. I've pretty much officially run out of things to keep me busy through out the day, I have a few things I can do here and their but I can now get the house clean in a matter of an hour or two, and some of the things I need to get done I cant because its to much for me and might send me into labor, which I wouldn't have a problem with but I would get a nice scolding if I did, for example, cleaning the turtles cage, I can't simply because it weights so freaking much and the water has gotten to the point it not only makes my room stink but the turtle doesn't want to spend a lot of time in the water, which is as bad for him as to much time in the water, his shell is having some problems peeling almost like a snake skin, I don't know if that's from being to dry or to wet or what, but I cant find anything online about it.

I just wish Danica would decide to come already this waiting around thing is killing me, every one keeps saying patience she'll come when she comes, but I officially lost my patience for waiting about a week ago... which makes waiting even harder than it should be, with Elyssabeth I had more things and people around to distract me from the anxiety of waiting for the contractions to start, now its just me and my computer, mom and Justin sleep all day, I have Dyane online, but no one and no cash to just go out and do something with, my biggest distraction, and probably a highlight in my life has been when Dyane and I go for walks, its relaxing and I like being able to spend the quality time with her, we get to talk about things with each other we don't normally want to talk about with other people around, and its really nice, perhaps I'll ask her if she'll walk with me tonight.

I have OGYN appointments every week until shes born now, last week he informed me that she was turned which is a really good thing, but had not yet stated to dilate, the following appointments will consist of listening to her heart, and checking to see if I'm dilating yet, then within the next 2-3 weeks I'll go into labor, but until then its just a waiting game, and its driving me nuts!!!

Well its almost 5:00pm and mom should be up by now, we need to go shopping tonight so I'm gonna go make sure shes up and hopefully ready to go do that, we really need to get it done, hopefully next time I get on here I'll have something more exciting to talk about.

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