Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well we made it out alive...

this last week has been hectic Monday was the first day of set-up for faire, Tuesday all of our vendors came to set up their booths. Wednesday was opening day, we made hardly anything money wise but all in all it was fun. Thursday the Mother Moraines guild decided that they were retiring form the faire, I am part of this guild. The rest of the week had a strange sort of bitter sweet feeling about it for those of us leaving, and every one could feel it in the air and knew something was going on, they just didn't know what. Friday Schwa'za invited me to come to dance with them on a permanent basis, class starts Thursday yay! Saturday after the last processional Troy, Dyanne, and my mom will ever be in, Troy announced that the guild was leaving, many people were disappointed but they all understood. This faire was fun but this was also our last set-up and tare down, we will all still be around if the faire continues but only as by standers, and customers we will probably never get as involved as we were when we left, but we will still visit, what will always be OUR faire. tare down last night kinda felt like having a child for many years helping it grow and become something amassing, and then giving it back to the people who gave birth to it. a sad sort of relieving feeling to it. it was fun but it was time, for most people, i will be continuing this faire with the belly dancers now and I am glad i will still have some involvement, this next year is going to be a big adventure i can just see it now and I'm excited to see what life brings me, Thank you every one who have helped me get this far in my life you've helped me grow in the same way you helped the faire, except i dont think im quite ready to be let completely go of just yet :D

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