Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Times, Missed the end, faire talk

Spent today in a minor freaked stage, first couldn't find my Medicaid card so I could make my chiropractor appointment, we finally found it on the table and not in a box as we thought and made it to the appointment. Then I fixed 2 pieces of garb for faire, i have a full 4 out fits now, thankfully, then Glen decided he was going to be nice to me and his sister and took us to go see Eclipse, it was nice until about the last 5 minutes which i missed cause the baby sat on a nerve and the minute I stood up to try to make her move she did, right on to my bladder, then while I was in the restroom I started to cramp, so now ive missed the last little bit of the movie and I'm cramping, wonderful way to end my day right? well lucky for me Glens sister Vicki works in the OB so she took me home felt my belly a little and runs me a bath to try to get my muscles to calm down, as I go into the bathroom to get in he tub I have to pee again, so I go pee, and find out that the stomach cramping is from my body not liking something I ate, thank god it wasn't a problem with the pregnancy, but the upset stomach is not a nice thing for me, but I'm very glad that everything is okay with my baby! Gonna try to sew some more tomorrow so that I can have Elyssabeth's outfit for the costume contest ready for her by Saturday :D it doesn't look like were going to be doing the hair tinsel this year, didn't have enough money to order it in time, oh well maybe next year after I have more practice and maybe more money. Can't wait for faire and can't believe its so close I'm glad I don't have to much to do, thinking about maybe doing fairy wings this year though, who knows ill have to talk to mom about it, it is her booth after all :D

Happy that I didn't have to make a trip to the hospital today, and hoping not to scare every one like that again, don't wanna deal with it ever again!

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  1. Costume contest isn't on Saturday this year.. it's all 4 days, but Troy will have to explain the rules to you.