Sunday, July 4, 2010

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY...way to much to do!

okay so instead of waiting until the 5th of July to celebrate the 4th of July glen and I are going to go to hang out with his parents this after noon, I might go hang with my mother a little this morning while glen sleeps, sadly I have to wait to walk in the parade and partake in the 4th of July fun on the park until tomorrow, which might I say proposes a problem on 2 levels... #1 the 5th of July is not the 4th of July, and #2 Monday is the first day of set up which has to be postponed until the park is clear of the 4th of July festivities, oh yea also I have to either wait for the fire works or travel out of town to see them...sucky! so glens parents Susan and Martin are doing a barbecue and some minor fire works yay! they were also gonna do a movie I think but glen and I will have to leave cause he has to work which is okay for me cause that means I get to go to bed when I want to so that i can get up and go to the parade...she sun has been helping with waking me up at 8:00am yay sun...woohoo...not! i may or may not get to do fairy wings this year for faire, i figured out i can do a few at a time cause they need time to dry so that will be awesome, the hard part will be getting the stuff to make them dug up out of A-the garage and B-Vicki's bedroom, if we cant find them then we dont have wings for faire...oh well at least ive almost got beths wings done after sitting all night they should be ready to have the final step done putting on the elastic...which i may just use some ribion or something like that so that they are adjustable and they will fit for a while... but who knows gotta find stuff to do it all the next year i will be stocking up on things to make wings and do hair tinsel for next years faire so i dont have to worry about the mad dash and what not, depending on which sells better this year, and if after i run out if people coninue to ask for more...which i may go get the suplies to make more with some of the profit...assuming i can get a lift to wallmart...

well im gonna go finish Beths wings and see if my mother is awake and up for a visitor and i will probaly post again after faire...yay fun!!!

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