Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camping and good feelings

this weekend went camping with the when i refer to my family most of the time its those I chose to call my family not the necessarily the ones I'm related to by blood, cause I don't consider my sister family...and she would rather kill me in a police station and admit to the murder than admit were family. so went camping to celebrate not only summer solstice 2 birthdays as well, my mothers and Jelly's shes basically my niece. they gave me a lot of good advice and the retreat from every day life was nice, were gonna go camping again after the Renaissance Faire, hopefully were gonna take Beth, we all love Yankee Meadow its the sort of place that you wake up in the morning and after using the bathroom you take the time to look at the lake and the scenery around you and everything is right with the world, and you cant help but feel relaxed and rejuvenated. its the one place we find that while we cant wait to go home and get clean and sleep in our beds, we also never want to leave, if you have never been their your really missing out...although an air freshener in the bathrooms would be nice :D their bio something or other and they are stinky, but if you breath through your mouth or hold your it gets bearable...and dealing with the nasty bathrooms is worth it. I'm hoping to go on at least 2 or 3 more times before the summer is out and i would like to take Beth, were gonna go camping for my birthday for sure but we will be going to Baker instead because Yankee will be way to cold by then and while red cliffs is pretty were all kinda bored with it. cant wait to spend time with the family.

everything is getting slowly better and soon hopefully glen and I will have our own place to live as well, but for now at least life is going good.

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